Sergei Tikhomirov

I am a blockchain security researcher at the University of Luxembourg. I received my MA in applied maths from CMC MSU in 2013. I have been closely following the Bitcoin / blockchain space since late 2013. In 2013 - 2016, I was a researcher on code vulnerabilities and static analysis at SmartDec. Since 2014, I am an author at BitNovosti.

I develop projects, write papers, give talks with slides, answer questions.

I host a podcast about blockchain and a podcast about Luxembourg and am sometimes a podcast guest: DevZen, Pro Bitcoin (all in Russian).

As a hobby, I take photos and contribute to a crowd-sourced street-level imagery project.




  • С. Тихомиров, Я. Александров, Е. Марченко, Л. Сафин. Поиск закладок в программном обеспечении (S. Tikhomirov, Y. Alexandrov, E. Marchenko, L. Safin. Finding undocumented features in programs). «Защита информации. Инсайд» №3, 2016 (abstract)